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Transitions are most often used in NLE (video editing) programs,
as one video clip cuts to the next. Because transitions are such a
huge part of video editing, in most NLE's, such as Adobe Premiere
Pro, you simply drag and drop transitions to apply them. Most
transitions also autoanimate.
In After Effects, it's a slightly more manual process. Most tran-
sition effects have a Transition Completion value that you need
to animate from 0% to 100% to have the transition completely
replace the clip. Also, while most NLE programs automatically
handle audio, you must manually adjust audio for transitions in
After Effects.
The transitions in After Effects are also a little more, well . . .
After Effectsy. They are a little more showy and over the top in
most cases. They all create transitions to the next clip (i.e., the
layers beneath them) by removing parts of the top layer until it is
completely removed.
Noticeably absent from the After Effects transition, video ros-
ter is the most popular of video transitions, Cross Dissolve, which
is a soft cross-fade between clips. So make sure that you use
these transitions with tact. Don't be like Homer Simpson who,
when doing some video editing of his own, would only use the
gaudy and antisubtle star wipe transition between clips. When
petitioned by his daughter Lisa to try a different transition, his
response was, “Why eat hamburger when you can have steak?”
So, be sure that there is an aesthetic or artistic link to your video
content and the transitions you use.
That's not to say that you can only use transitions for tran-
sitioning between clips. For crying out loud, this entire book
is about using effects for purposes other than what they were
intended for. Try applying a transition to a solid layer, then take
the Transition Completion value to a given number and use that
layer as an alpha matte for another layer. Or try recreating the
famous James Bond intro sequence with the Iris Wipe effect with-
out animation. There's a horde of possibilities here.
Faking Cross Dissolve
If you wanted
to fake a cross
dissolve effect,
you can simply fade the
Opacity value of the layer
on top. Remember that
you must also animate the
audio separately if you
don't want the audio to cut
off abruptly.
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