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down. The ability to animate this property adds a lot of power to
this effect. For example, if you had footage of an athlete doing a
long jump, you could play the footage at regular speed until the
athlete started his or her jump. At that point, you could animate
the Speed value to slow the motion to accentuate the jump.
The Motion Blur property is another one of the very impres-
sive items on the resumé of the Timewarp effect. We know that
After Effects can add motion blur to layers that you animate. This
simulates the blur that is created by quickly moving objects when
fi lmed with a real camera.
But what happens when you get some footage that is already
rendered, such as a render from a 3D application or a clip of
stock video footage, and the motion in the video doesn't match
the motion blur of the rest of the composition? By selecting
Enable Motion Blur in the Timewarp effect, After Effects will look
at the footage, and by using the same system of vectors it used
to create the intermediate Pixel Motion frames, it will analyze the
motion in the video and add motion blur. You can even adjust
the Shutter Angle property to control how much blur is added!
For someone who works often with 3D artists, I can tell you that
this is a lifesaver when you need it. Because of how much com-
puter brain sweat goes into analyzing already rendered footage
to apply motion blur to it, this property will slow down your ren-
der time considerably. But for those times when you have a video
wasn't rendered with enough blur for your liking, this parameter
is worth the wait.
Timewarp and
Interlaced Footage
According to the
After Effects Help,
the Timewarp
effect won't work on
fi elds in interlaced
footage. If you want
to use the Timewarp
effect on interlaced
footage, Adobe suggests
doubling the frame rate
of the composition in the
Composition Settings
dialog box, and then
when it's time to render,
changing it back to the
correct frame rate in the
Render Queue.
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