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Next, we'll change the Method value to Pixel Motion. This
causes After Effects to create an intermediate frame in between
these two frames. Figure 19.13 shows the frame that After Effects
created to transition between these two frames. Not bad! (Fig.
19.14 )
The Speed property controls the speed of the clip. I'm not sure
I understand why there isn't a % sign here, because that's exactly
what this value indicates. If Speed is set to 100%, then the clip
will play back at regular speed. If the Speed value is higher, the
clip will play faster, and if it is less than 100%, it will slow the clip
Figure 19.13 Blending the
frames using the Frame Mix
Figure 19.14 The frame that
After Effects created to create a
smooth transition between the
two frames seen in Fig. 19.12.
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