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Figure 4.3 After selecting the
Colorize option, the color in the
image returns.
we reduce the Radius value, we reduce the amount of blur. Let's
take the Radius value to 5. This eliminates the overall hazy look,
and just blurs surface textures. You'll notice the grungy texture of
the side of the ferry clean up quite a bit, while the edges around the
ferry windows remain sharp. Unfortunately, you'll also probably
notice how this effect takes forever and a day to render! You'll have
to weigh the benefi t of the effect's results with the lengthy render
time to determine if this effect will work for you (Fig. 4.4 ).
We know that the Bilateral Blur effect mostly blurs surfaces
while leaving edges intact. But what qualifi es as an edge? The
Threshold parameter specifi es what surfaces are considered
Figure 4.4 After reducing
the Radius value to 5, the blur
becomes more localized.
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