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To see some hot displacement action, open up Time
Displacement.aep from the Chapter 19 folder. Apply the Time
Displacement effect to the stairsdock PRECOMP layer in the
stairsdock composition. As with almost any displacement effect,
when you fi rst apply it, it attempts to use itself as a displacement
map, and it looks terrible.
If you solo the grayscales.tga layer, you'll see a grayscale map
I've created to control this effect (Fig. 19.8).
Change the Time Displacement Layer value to the grayscales.
tga layer. You'll then see that areas where the white pixels where
Figure 19.8 The grayscales.tga
Figure 19.9 The result of having
the grayscales.tga layer control
the time displacement of the
stairsdock footage.
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