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Creating a Video “Smear”
To create the illusion of a smear, take the Echo Time value to a very small number (positive or negative), such as
0.1 or lower, and take the Number of Echoes to 1. You can also soften the effect by decreasing the Starting Intensity
or Decay values. This effect is great for creating a delirious effect, such as when someone is waking up from a serious
injury and you're showing their point of view in the shot.
which is the equivalent of 100% opacity, or completely opaque.
If you take the Decay to 0.5, this is the equivalent of an opacity
value of 50%. The fi rst echo would be at 50% opacity, the second
echo would be at 25% opacity (50% of the second echo), and the
third would be half of that. If the Starting Intensity value was 0.5
and the Decay value was set at 0.7, the fi rst copy would be 70% of
50%. The next copy would be 70% of that, and so on. As you can
see, there's a lot of control here (Fig. 19.5).
Figure 19.5 The footage with
lowered Starting Intensity and
Decay values, as seen in the
Effect Controls panel.
Finally, the Echo Operator property controls how the echoes
blend together. Remember that we're dealing with transparency
here, so if we want to combine multiple frames—at least with this
video—then we'll need to use a blend mode of some type. And
that's what the Echo Operator allows us to do. Most of the modes,
such as Add, Screen, and Maximum, will return a much lighter
result. These are great for creating ghost-like effects or other soft,
ethereal, angelic effects. We've been using Minimum as it returns
a dark result which works well with this footage that has a lot of
blown out highlights.
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