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Figure 19.3 The layer with an
Echo Time value of −0.15.
Figure 19.4 When Echo Time
is taken to a positive value, the
echoes come from future frames.
Use a Tripod!
The Number of Echoes parameter is self-explanatory, as it con-
trols the number of duplicates it creates. Note that if you're not
seeing all echoes created by this value, it's probably because your
Echo Time value is too far away from 0, which indicates that your
echoes haven't started yet, or they've already gone off screen.
The Starting Intensity and Decay properties are very similar,
and they're also connected. The Starting Intensity value controls
the opacity of the current frame. Easy enough. The Decay value
controls the opacity of the echoes. However, it is based on the
Starting Intensity value, and then each echo decays more based
on the Decay value. For example, if your Starting Intensity is 1,
One of the things
that really helped
with this trick is
that the camera operator
was using a tripod. If the
camera had been shaky,
the echoes would have
been off center and the
results would not have
aligned so well.
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