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The effects in the Time category all fi ddle with time. Some of
them, such as Echo and Time Displacement, can create some
really interesting visual effects using time tricks. Time Difference
is a huge help for visual effects and color correction.
The powerhouse effect in this category is of course Timewarp.
Timewarp allows you to speed up and slow down time, to control
the quality of the end result, and to apply motion blur to footage
that has already been rendered.
The Echo Effect
The Echo effect creates copies (echoes) of a layer by adding
duplicates from different places in time.
In the Echo.aep project, you'll fi nd in the Chapter 19 folder of
the exercise fi les. In Fig. 19.1, we see the original video clip with-
out the Echo effect applied. This clip shows my friend, Paavo—a
video editor at—doing some of his sweet unicycle
Figure 19.1 The original footage
of Paavo doing a stair jump on
his unicycle. Don't try this at
home, kids.
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