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Open the Bilateral Blur.aep project from the Chapter 4 folder of
the exercise fi les. This project contains a photo I took of a ferry in
Seattle (Fig. 4.1 ).
Apply the Bilateral Blur effect to the ferry image layer. For some
reason that I can't fi gure out, this effect turns a layer gray scale
when fi rst applied (Fig. 4.2).
The quick remedy to this is to check the Colorize check box. Now
we can see the misty results in color. The effects are particularly
noticeable in the details (or, lack of them) in the clouds (Fig. 4.3).
The default results create a misty, dreamlike haze over our image.
This is great for ethereal dream sequences or for simulating fog. If
Figure 4.1 The ferry image from
the Bilateral Blur.aep project.
Interesting fact: this is the fi rst
photo that I took that I actually
Figure 4.2 The default results of
applying the Bilateral Blur effect.
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