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effect as the glow color, we're going to be choosing two of our
own colors to use. Click the color swatch for the Color A property
and select a yellow-orange color. I used the RGB values of 220,
220, 0. Finally, change the Color B value to white, and you're
done! (Fig. 18.6 ).
Figure 18.6 The fi nal 42 logo.
If you wanted to take this project to the next level, here are a
couple suggestions. You could apply the Transform effect and
adjust the Skew Axis to 90 degrees, and take the Skew value
to about 5 or so. This will create a faux italics if you don't have
an italicized version of the font you're using. You could also
Figure 18.7 The logo after
adding a few extra touches.
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