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Figure 18.5 This is my 42 logo
so far. It's not much to look at yet,
but have patience.
Max value becomes only a limit for randomness. So, how do we
pull this off? There are actually a few solutions. We could create
a wiggle expression on the Value/Offset/Random Max prop-
erty, connect the magnitude value of the wiggle expression to an
expression control, and then animate the expression control. But
that's way too much work.
A much simpler way to get the job done is to simply animate
the Random Values property. So, go out to about three seconds
in your timeline, and click the stopwatch for the Random Values
property with the checkbox unchecked. This tells After Effects
that at three seconds, we want randomization off, and to display
the value 42. Now, hit the Home key on your keyboard (or use
another method) to get to the fi rst frame of the comp. Then click
the checkbox to turn on Random Values. We're not going to ani-
mate the Value/Offset/Random Max property.
Animating the
Random Values
Typically we don't
animate properties
that only have on/
off options. This is because
they don't interpolate well.
In this case, that's exactly
what we want. Just know
that this is an exception.
Making the Logo Even More Awesome
So, we're essentially done with the part of the tutorial that uses
the Numbers effect. Now, we're going to fi nish the job by making
this look more like the 24 logo. We'll do that by adding an addi-
tional effect.
Apply the Glow effect from the Stylize category. We'll change
values from the top of the effect to the bottom. Change the Glow
Threshold value from 60% to 10%. This allows more of the num-
bers to be subject to the glow. Then change the Glow Colors value
from Original Colors to A & B Colors. This tells the Glow effect
that instead of using the default red color from the Numbers
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