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Comparing Numbers to the Timecode Effect
Also be aware that from the Type drop-down list, you can chose three different types of timecode displays—30 frames per
second (fps) for NTSC, 25 fps for PAL, and 24 fps for fi lm. The Timecode effect does the same thing but gives you far more con-
trol over timecode options (such as drop frame timecode, and so forth), but it also gives you signifi cantly less control over the
appearance of the timecode. If you want to add a live timecode to your footage, and you want to be able to change the font or
add a stroke, then use the Numbers effect.
countdown. I'll show you how to do
that momentarily. From the Type
drop-down list, you can also choose
various displays of date, time, and a
hexadecimal number.
Another one of the critical proper-
ties of this effect is the Value/Offset/
Random Max value. This is where
you can specify an exact number
to display, if your Type value is set
to Numbers. This is how you would
specify 10 and 0 if you were animat-
ing the rocket launch countdown. Or,
if you're using another Type value,
such as timecode, time, or date, this
value becomes an offset. For example,
if you have the Type value set to
Numerical Date, you'll see something
like 1/1/95. If you increase the Value/
Offset/Random Max value from 0.0
to 1.0, the date will display as 1/2/95.
Again, we see another use for this effect
as an indication of time or date passage,
as with a time lapse.
If you've selected the Random Values
option, then the Value/Offset/Random
Max value sets a limit of how much the
Numbers effect is allowed to random-
ize. It's a little kooky, though, because
a value of 0 actually means “go crazy,
Numbers effect.” It really doesn't
start limiting the randomization until
you input a value of greater than 0.
In effect, then, a value of 1.0 would
create the smallest amount of random-
ization, while a value of 0 would create
the most randomization.
Figure 18.3 Numbers with the Vertical direction and the
Rotate option checked.
Figure 18.4 Click the Options button to get back the dialog that will
allow you to change the font and other properties of the Numbers
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