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Figure 18.1 The Numbers effect
options dialog box.
Notice how the characters have the same orienta-
tion as they would if you would've chosen a horizon-
tal direction. However, in the Numbers options, if
you select the Rotate check box, the character will be
rotated 90 degrees. See Fig. 18.3 for the difference.
For now, just leave this dialog box alone (horizon-
tal direction, etc.) and click OK. At any time, you can
get back to this dialog box by clicking the Options
button at the top of the effect in the Effects and
Presets panel (Fig. 18.4 ).
The Format Properties
Without a doubt, the most important proper-
ties in this effect are in the Format area at the top
of the effect. The Type property drop-down list at
the top of the effect specifi es what type of numbers
created. The default setting is just “Numbers.” This
means that only regular numbers will be created.
The cool thing about this is that you can set key-
frames from one number at one frame to another
number at another frame, and the Numbers effect
will interpolate this difference. Let's say, for example,
that you've got some footage of a rocket launching.
You can set a keyframe for the Numbers effect
to display the number 10 ten seconds before the
rocket launches. You can then set another keyframe
when the rocket launches to display the number 0,
and then the Numbers effect will interpolate the
Figure 18.2 Numbers with the Vertical direction
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