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Figure 17.74 The Threshold
Start comp in the Threshold.aep
Figure 17.75 The default results
of applying the Threshold effect.
white. This effect is valuable for tweaking the grayscale maps that
you might use to control effect properties (Fig. 17.76).
Now let's use the Threshold effect in a more practical scenario.
Switch over to the Edgy Example comp (Fig. 17.77).
As we discussed earlier in this chapter with Posterize, some-
times damaged or grungy graphics are exactly what you're look-
ing for. Let's say we want to create an intro for an edgy music
video. This comp contains a grungy logo, and a sugary sweet
video clip of Mt. Rainier. The colors and textures are not condu-
cive to a music video like this, but it's all we have available. No
worries. Just apply the Threshold affect, and adjust to taste. This
will instantly create the street cred we're looking for (Fig. 17.78).
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