Game Development Reference
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Figure 17.72 The results of
applying the Texturize effect and
using the logo as the Texture
Layer value.
Figure 17.73 The result of
centering the logo texture
and lowering the Texture
Contrast to 0.5.
Open the Threshold.aep project from the Chapter 17 folder of
the exercise fi les. This project contains two comps. We're going to
start with the simple comp, Threshold Start. This contains a sim-
ple gradient (Fig. 17.74).
Apply the Threshold effect to this gradient. Every pixel will turn
pure white or pure black (Fig. 17.75).
We can only change one property, namely Level. This set-
ting determines the cutoff to select which pixels turn white, and
which turn black. Increase this value to 200 to turn more pixels
black. If you were to decrease this value, more pixels would turn
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