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Figure 17.69 The Strobe Light
effect options.
Figure 17.70 The Strobe of
Lightning comp.
contains an animated version of the Advanced Lightning effect
(Fig. 17.70 ).
The Strobe Light effect has already been applied for you in this
comp, with the Strobe value set to Makes Layer Transparent. This
turns several seconds of continuous lightning into several light-
ning strikes. This is the quickest way that I've found to create a
fl ashing layer. You could even apply a wiggle expression to the
Strobe Period value to create more random timing in the strobes.
The Texturize Effect
The Texturize effect would probably be more descriptive if it
were called the Watermark effect, because that's essentially what
it does. It takes one layer, and makes a transparent version of
it when applied to a layer. You can use it to create a logo “bug”
(the little station identifi er at the bottom right hand corner of the
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