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are applied. So, feathering the mask only makes a larger fi reball
because Colorama also colorizes the semitransparent pixels and
makes them completely opaque. The results ain't pretty (Fig. 17.65).
Figure 17.65 The result of
increasing the feather of the mask
applied to the fi reball layer.
I realize that we could fi x this by precomposing the layer, then
applying a mask with feather to the nested precomp. But even
that doesn't make a decent enough fi reball to convince my wife
to stay on with me. We need something more here. We need the
Roughen Edges effect. Apply it to the fi reball layer, and take the
Border value up to 50. That makes a fairly decent fi reball right
there. You can add more detail to its edges by reducing the Scale
property and/or by increasing the Complexity value.
To make the fi reball shown in Fig. 17.66, I set the Edge Type
to Spiky, increased the Border value to 70, decreased Edge
Sharpness to 0.2, decreased Fractal Infl uence to 0.7, increased
Figure 17.66 Roughen Edges
help me create the fi reball that
saved my marriage.
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