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Figure 17.63 The result of
lowering the Border value to
3 with the Edge Type value set to
found the answer in Roughen Edges, my wife probably would
have left me for another After Effects trainer who knew how to
make fi reballs.
Figure 17.64 shows the Dragon Fire FINAL comp with the
fi reball in its original state. This fi reball is created applying the
Fractal Noise effect to a solid. A simple mask is also applied to
produce the approximate fi reball shape. The obvious problem
here is that fi reballs don't have smooth edges.
Figure 17.64 The Dragon Fire
FINAL comp.
At the lowest point in my life (when I couldn't make a decent
fi reball), I tried to fake it by feathering the mask. There are sev-
eral problems with this method. We're colorizing this fi re with
the Colorama effect, which acts on the alpha channel after masks
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