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Figure 17.61 The text with the
Rusty Color edge type.
Figure 17.62 The text with the
Photocopy edge type.
tighter or larger edges. And, as with Fractal Noise and Cell Pattern,
these edges can come alive with the Evolution parameter. You can
also create the illusion that there is a force (like wind) acting on
these edges by animating the Offset (Turbulence) parameter.
Now, let's go over to the Dragon Fire FINAL comp. This comp
contains some great Will Kindrick art that we've seen a few times
in this topic. The difference is here, that the fi reball isn't complete
yet. I must confess that there was a time in my life when I was
an Adobe Certifi ed Instructor in After Effects, and yet I couldn't
make a decent fi reball. How can this be is what you ask. It was a
shameful secret that even my family didn't know about. If I hadn't
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