Game Development Reference
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Figure 17.59 Selecting Roughen
Color as the Edge Type allows
the Edge Color to be added in the
roughened edges.
Figure 17.60 The text with the
Spiky edge type.
Color edge type is eminently suited for making objects look rusty
and old. It actually eats away at the transparency of the layer. The
Photocopy edge type creates random worn areas in the center of
the layer, which conjures up the illusion of damage or wear (Figs.
17.61 and 17.62 ).
Using a Border value of 3, the Photocopy edge type can cre-
ate the illusion that our layer has only an outline, without a core
(Fig. 17.63 ).
The remaining properties are self-explanatory if you remem-
ber that these edges are being distorted with a fractal pattern.
For example, the Scale property scales the noise pattern, creating
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