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Figure 17.57 The default results
after applying Roughen Edges.
Figure 17.58 Increasing the
Border value allows more of
the edge of the layer to be
create fi ery edges, or other such effects. All values in the Edge
Type drop down that have the word color in their title (e.g. Rusty
Color, Photocopy Color) use the Edge Color value in their results
(Fig. 17.59 ).
The Spiky edge type is another unique value. This can create
ornate, spiky edges that can be used for spiky, fi ery, or electric
edges (Fig. 17.60 ).
Some of the edge types, such as Rusty and Photocopy, actu-
ally leave the edges perfectly intact, and instead erode the layer
itself. Why these options are in an effect called Roughen Edges
(and selectable in a parameter called Edge Type) is beyond me,
but they're very interesting, so I'm not complaining! The Rusty
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