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Figure 17.52 The
clip at 0;00;07;14.
Figure 17.53 The default results
of applying the Posterize effect.
My only complaint with the Posterize effect is the way that the
Level effect is set up. While the property only displays integer
values, it actually is capable of recognizing fractions in the hun-
dredths. So, values of 2.51 through 3.49, for example, get rounded
off and displayed as 3. The value I'm looking for here is 3 exactly,
so click and type in the number 3 for the Level value. Don't scrub
to this value, or you could achieve different results, not realizing
that the value is not exactly on 3 (Fig. 17.54).
It's important to note here that the Level value does not refer to
the exact number of colors, per se. Although, you reduce the num-
ber of colors in the image by lowering the Level value, the latter
does not specifi cally refer to the total number of remaining colors.
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