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Figure 17.44 The Offensive Face
comp. We're actually seeing two
layers hereā€”one of my face
isolated with a mask, and also
the background version, which
contains the entire clip.
more resolution that can be seen. I still want to be sure that I am
blocking out a face, so I used relatively high numbers for these
values (Fig. 17.45 ).
Figure 17.45 The result of
applying the Mosaic effect to the
layer that contained only my face.
The Motion Tile Effect
The Motion Tile effect is just like the Offset effect, but is far
more powerful. It also allows you to repeat a layer multiple times,
but gives you more control over the adjustment of those dupli-
cates. Because of this extra control, the Motion Tile effect is great
for patterns, or for creating a multitude of something.
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