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Figure 17.42 The Sharp Colors
option makes the colors more
Figure 17.43 We create an
entirely new pattern that looks
nothing like a standard mosaic by
altering the Horizontal Blocks and
Vertical Blocks properties.
One of the more common uses of the Mosaic effect is to blur
out details. You might have footage of someone being interviewed
that don't want their identity revealed, or you might not have per-
mission to show someone in your video. This technique can also
be used to obscure offensive or obscene elements in footage.
I have a face only a mother could love (and even that is doubt-
ful), so we're going to use the Mosaic effect to make this footage
less offensive. Turn on the visibility option of the top copy of this
layer, which already has the Mosaic effect applied to it and set up
for you. Here, the Horizontal Blocks and Vertical Blocks values
have been raised to 50 each. The higher the block numbers, the
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