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Audio effect category that does so. You can even apply this effect
to a solid layer to create audio on it (Fig. 3.2).
The problem with the Tone effect is that it's almost impossible
to use. You can select an exact frequency to be played by fi ve dif-
ferent frequency generators in this effect. If you know music and
audio frequencies well, you can set these to play a chord. But
honestly, it would probably be easier (and faster) to walk away
from your computer, learn to play a musical instrument, go to
a recording studio, and record yourself playing that chord, than
it would be to get the Tone effect to play it correctly. I'm only
slightly exaggerating.
The great benefi t to this effect is that Adobe has included
some great animation presets for this effect. You can access
these from Adobe Bridge or from the Animation Presets drop
down at the top of the Effect Controls panel. Fig. 3.3 shows the
list of included presets. The presets are mostly phone related,
including a dial tone, dialing, and a busy signal. There's also a
sweet laser blaster.
Figure 3.2 The Tone effect in the
Effect Controls panel.
Figure 3.3 The animation
presets for the Tone effect that
are included with After Effects.
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