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Figure 17.40 The Dragon Fight
Figure 17.41 After applying
the Mosaic effect, we have a
mosaic based on the colors in our
whose color scheme you really like. You can apply the Mosaic
effect to completely obscure the details and reuse the color
scheme, and no one is the wiser.
We can increase or decrease the resolution of the mosaic by
adjusting the Horizontal Blocks and Vertical Blocks options. Look
how cool the results are when we make the blocks 3 across (by
taking the Horizontal Blocks value to 3) and 20 high (by taking the
Vertical Blocks value to 20) (Fig. 17.43).
Let's now switch over to the Offensive Face comp. This comp
contains some footage of me, duplicated once. In the copy on
top, I've isolated my face using a mask (Fig. 17.44).
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