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To see one other example, click on the Glow Final comp tab
in the Timeline panel. This contains another grayscale texture
created with a series of strokes made with the Vegas effect (dis-
cussed in Chapter 9) and the Directional Blur effect (discussed in
Chapter 4 ) (Fig. 17.37 ).
Figure 17.37 The Glow Final
Since this texture was created using four layers together, I
created an adjustment layer above these four layers, and then
applied the Glow effect to the adjustment layer to cover the entire
composition simultaneously. Turn on the visibility control of the
adjustment layer to see the results I created with the Glow effect,
using the techniques we've looked at (Fig. 17.38).
Figure 17.38 The Glow Final
comp with the adjustment
layer with the Glow effect
turned on.
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