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less potent and vibrant. We need to reduce the intensity of the
glow, which we can do by decreasing the Glow Intensity value. The
Glow Intensity value is very sensitive, often returning noticeably
different results when adjusted even one-tenth in either direc-
tion. In this case, I'm going to reduce the Glow Intensity value to
0.5. That creates a glow that we can be proud of (Fig. 17.33).
Figure 17.33 The fi nal result of
adding glow to our lava layer.
In Chapter 6, the chapter on the Color Correction effects, we
looked at several different ways to colorize an object. Interestingly
enough, the Glow effect is yet another tool we can use to colorize
footage or patterns. Switch over to the More Glow composition.
This comp contains a pattern I created with Fractal Noise and
Radial Blur. It is still grayscale (Fig. 17.34).
Apply the Glow effect to this texture. By default, when the Glow
effect works its magic, it does so by making the original colors of
the layer glow. Thus, in this instance, the Glow effect creates only
a white glow. The fi rst step in creating a colored glow is to change
the Glow Colors drop down from Original Colors to A & B Colors.
What are A & B Colors you ask? They are the colors in the Color
A and Color B values at the bottom of the effect in the Effect
Controls panel. These colors create a gradient, which is then used
for choosing the glow colors.
I'm going to change my Color A value to a bright pink (with an
RGB value of 248, 52, 255), and the Color B value to a bluish color
(43, 116, 226) (Fig. 17.35 ).
Usually, when changing the Glow Colors value from Original
Colors to A & B Colors, the glow results change dramatically. To get a
Pointless Trivia
The other option
in the Glow Colors
drop down is
Arbitrary Map. This uses
an AMP fi le created with
the Curves effect (discussed
in Chapter 6). You have to
open an AMP fi le to use for
this setting by clicking the
Options button at the top
of the effect in the Effect
Controls panel.
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