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This way, Find Edges can be very useful in working with footage
that needs more contrast at its edges. But we can also use it for
creative purposes when combined with other effects. We're now
going to quickly create a massive video screen look using Find
Edges. I'm going to delete (or turn off the visibility of ) the top
layer, leaving only the bottom layer which doesn't have this effect
applied to it. Then apply the Mosaic effect to this layer. We'll look
at the Mosaic effect later on in this chapter (Fig. 17.26).
Figure 17.26 The results of
applying the Mosaic effect to our
Next, apply the Find Edges effect to this layer. The Find Edges
effect is fi nding (or enhancing) the edges of the Mosaic effect
(Fig. 17.27 ).
Figure 17.27 The result of
applying the Find Edges effect
after the Mosaic effect.
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