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Figure 17.24 The default results
from applying the Find Edges
effect. Hopefully, you haven't
eaten recently.
There really aren't any settings here, other than Invert and
Blend With Original. There isn't a tolerance or threshold property
to modify the limits of what After Effects sees as an edge.
Okay, I think I've looked at this as long as I can stand it.
Duplicate this layer in the Timeline panel, the delete the Find
Edges effect on the bottom copy. Select the layer copy on the top
in the layer stack in the Timeline panel (the one with the Find
Edges effect still applied), and change its layer blend mode to
the Overlay blend mode. This removes the junk and blends the
enhanced edges back into itself, creating a cool effect. The result
is a little intense, so you may want to temper it by lowering the
opacity of the top layer just a tad (Fig. 17.25).
Figure 17.25 After blending
the Find Edges effect with the
Overlay blend mode, the edges
are enhanced and the ugliness
goes away. Like I always say, “If
Overlay can't fi x it, it's broke!”
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