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Figure 17.20 After increasing
the Relief value to 1.5 and
the Contrast to 150, the effects of
Color Emboss are more obvious.
Figure 17.21 A Direction value
of -90 creates the illusion
that the light has changed
direction and is now coming from
the right side of the image.
not be changed at all by the Bevel and Emboss layer style in After
Effects) (Fig. 17.21 ).
The Emboss Effect
The Emboss effect is exactly like the Color Emboss effect,
but returns only grayscale results. To get this result in color,
you'll need to add it to the top copy of a layer's duplicate,
and then blend it in using one of the overlay blend modes
(e.g. Overlay, Soft Light, Pin Light, etc.). The settings in the
Emboss effect are identical to those in the Color Emboss effect
(Fig. 17.22 ).
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