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Figure 17.18 My fi nal results
with the Cartoon effect. It's
not much, but it's the best I could
do with this effect.
Figure 17.19 The Emboss.aep
how deep the embossing is. Be careful that you don't raise this too
much, because then the highlights and shadows in the emboss-
ing will begin to appear to fl oat away. The Contrast property will
brighten the emboss highlights and darken the embossed shad-
ows to make the effect more pronounced (or less, if you reduce it)
(Fig. 17.20 ).
Now that we see the embossed results, we can change the
Direction value to adjust the angle of the simulated light that
is creating this emboss effect. By default, the light coming up
from the bottom left goes towards the upper right. Change the
Direction value to -90 to make the light come from the right side
of the layer and point to the left. The effect is especially notice-
able in the inside details of the wings (which, by the way, would
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