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Figure 17.16 The Mt. Rainier
footage after applying the Levels
effect to boost contrast.
Figure 17.17 The result and settings that I used with the Cartoon effect on this footage.
the entire layer instead of just the outside edge. As we'll see in the
following example, this can be used to bring out details in the
highlights of an image.
Open the Emboss.aep project from the Chapter 17 folder of the
exercise fi les. This contains a beautiful vector dragon created by
Will Kindrick, who has supplied much of the medieval art we'll be
using in this chapter. Thanks, Will (Fig. 17.19 ).
Apply the Color Emboss effect to the dragon. Instantly, you
can see the added highlights and shadows that create the illu-
sion of depth. The results are obvious, but to make them more
pronounced, I'm going to increase the Relief value to 1.5, and
the Contrast value to 150. The Relief value somewhat determines
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