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image with black outlines, like a cartoon. From the Render drop
down at the top of the effect in the Effect Controls panel, you can
select to view the Fill & Edges option, or Fill or Edges individually.
Even if Fill & Edges is your desired end result, you may want to
isolate one or the other to get a clearer picture of what happens
when you use them separately. For now, we'll leave this setting set
to Fill & Edges (Figs. 17.11 and 17.12 ).
Figure 17.11 The Cartoon
effect with the Render drop down
set to Fill. This shows us the
Cartoon effect in the fi ll only.
Figure 17.12 The Cartoon effect
displaying only the edges.
Beneath the Render drop down, we have two detail settings—
Detail Radius and Detail Threshold. These properties affect the
entire image. The good news is that these properties are essentially
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