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Figure 17.9 The Cartoon Start
comp in the Cartoon.aep project.
Apply the Cartoon effect to this footage. In my opinion, the
default results don't really encourage me to use this effect. At
fi rst glance, it appears that the Cartoon effect applies a dreadful
Photoshop fi lter effect to our footage; something that might have
been popular in the mid-1990's when most people didn't have
computers (Fig. 17.10 ).
Figure 17.10 The default results
of the Cartoon effect hurt my
feelings and drain me of my will
to live.
The Cartoon effect has two main elements: Fill and Edge. For
the Fill side of things, the Cartoon effect selects areas of color and
tries to make them cartoon-like by averaging their values to cre-
ate zones of fl at color. The Edge aspect overlays the edges in the
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