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Figure 17.7 The sci-fi control
panel effect, created with
the Brush Strokes effect.
Figure 17.8 The fi nal sci-fi
control panel. Oh yeah.
cartoon-like look. Full-length movies like A Scanner Darkly and
Waking Life have also taken advantage of such looks. The Cartoon
effect attempts to stylize footage in the same way. Also, because
of the way Cartoon effects simplifi es and smoothes footage, you
can also use it to try and be rid of video noise and other small
Open the Cartoon.aep project from the Chapter 17 folder of the
exercise fi les. This project contains two comps—Cartoon Start,
and Cartoon Final. First, let's start with the Cartoon Start comp. It
contains some footage of Paavo jumping onto a bench riding his
unicycle (Fig. 17.9 ).
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