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Figure 17.5 Changing the Stroke
Angle value to 270 degrees makes
this image look like it was painted
from a different angle.
Figure 17.6 With Paint On
Transparent selected in the Paint
Surface drop down, we can see
holes in the brush strokes when
we reduce the Stroke Density
value. Here the Stroke Angle
value is taken back to its default.
in this chapter) to add to the illusion that these dots are lights.
Play back the footage for even more sweet sci-fi action. It's hard
to believe that this result started off with two little girls running
about in a fi eld (Fig. 17.8 ).
The Cartoon Effect
Recently introduced in After Effects CS4, the Cartoon effect
creates a stylized look intended to resemble vector art. A few
years ago, some commercials for the fi nancial company Charles
Schwab showed real videos of interviews, but all of them had a
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