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Figure 17.3 Increasing the Brush
Size value to 5 gives us larger
paint strokes.
Figure 17.4 The results of
making the brush strokes longer
by increasing the Stroke Length
value to 15.
I have one last trick for you with this effect. Believe it or not,
we're going to use this cute little video clip of girls running about
and playing on a sunny day to make a wall of animated lights—
like something you might see on a control panel in a science fi c-
tion movie. First, reduce the Stroke Randomness value all the way
to 0. Raise the Stroke Length value to 1. This creates a series of
dots, instead of long strokes. Because these strokes autoanimate,
they all appear to fl icker randomly (Fig. 17.7 ).
And, because I'm not one to leave well enough alone, I'm going
to apply the Hue/Saturation effect to adjust the hue and reduce
the lightness. Then I'll apply the Glow effect (a topic covered later
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