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Figure 17.1 The clip
from Artbeats.
Figure 17.2 The Brush Strokes
effect at the default settings.
results of adjusting other properties. Take Stroke Angle value, for
instance. This controls the directions of the brush strokes. Moving
this value to 270 degrees gives the appearance that the brush strokes
were created by dragging the brush from left to right (Fig. 17.5).
By default, when this effect applies paint strokes, it applies
them over the original layer. Change this by going to the Paint
Surface drop down and selecting Paint On Transparent. This
removes the background from the paint strokes. To see the dif-
ference here, reduce the Stroke Density value to 0, so that the
paint strokes are more spread out. This allows the transparency
beneath to show through (Fig. 17.6 ).
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