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Many of the effects in After Effects (particularly those we just
looked at in Chapter 16) require lots of brains and sweat to study
and master. For the most part, the effects in the Stylize category
are only simple creative tools. If you're reading this topic straight
through, this will be a nice creative recess.
What the Stylize effects resemble most are the artsy fi lters in
Photoshop. Many of these effects create visually interesting pat-
terns out of the pixels in a layer. For my money, the most impor-
tant Stylize effect by far is the Glow effect. I rarely create a motion
graphics project that doesn't use the Glow effect somewhere.
The Brush Strokes Effect
The Brush Strokes effect attempts to create a painted look from
footage. It gives you considerable control over the brush strokes
used to create the fi nal result. This effect also creates strokes that
To experiment with this effect, import the fi le from
the Artbeats folder in the Media folder of the exercise fi les (Fig. 17.1 ).
Apply the Brush Strokes effect to this footage. The results
instantly change and when you preview the footage, you will see
that these brush strokes autoanimate. The results here remind me
a little of the Scribble effect we covered in Chapter 9 (Fig. 17.2).
The fi rst thing I'm going to do is increase the Brush Size
value to its maximum value of 5. Although this setting is usu-
ally too high—as it loses a great deal of detail from our original
footage—it will make the details in the brush strokes more obvi-
ous in the upcoming screenshots when we make changes to other
properties (Fig. 17.3 ).
Let's also increase the Stroke Length value to 15 to lengthen (a
little) the brush strokes that create this image (Fig. 17.4).
These settings are pretty ridiculous, but we're using them so that
we can see what happens. In your own projects, you will probably
want values that make changes more subtle. Now that the strokes
that are creating this image are a little more obvious, we can see the
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