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map as a ground layer, it allows the water to be displaced by it.
Imagine a shallow stream that is moving. If you put your hand
in it, the water will fl ow over your hand—the objects under-
neath have displaced the fl ow. And that's exactly what a ground
layer does.
This project has already been set up for you. Make sure that the
outlines layer (layer 1) is off, and that the solid layer (layer 2) is
turned on. To use a layer as a ground layer, go to the Ground con-
trols in the Wave Warp effect. Change the Ground value (in the
Ground area) to the ground layer, which is CHOCOLATE Outlines
in this case. The Steepness and Wave Height values can be used
to control the way the water interacts with the ground. If you take
the View to Wireframe Preview, you can see how the ground is
now severely displacing the surface of the water (Fig. 16.83).
Figure 16.83 The Wireframe
Preview of our chocolate
text displacing the surface of
the water.
I realize that even the fi nal height map here isn't much to look at.
But, Wave World produces such high quality maps that when they
are used with the Caustics effect, the results are amazing. Be cre-
ative here. Not only can this be used with water and chocolate, but
for paint, fl owing metal or lava, or any other liquid. And the ground
plane doesn't have to be simple text, it can be a company logo or
any other shape.
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