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Figure 16.79 With Refl ect Edges
set to all, waves that move to the
layer's boundaries are refl ected
back. This is especially noticeable
on the top and bottom edges.
Next, we come to the Ground controls area. We'll look more
closely at these in a moment. Until we use a map to control this
property, however, the only value that does anything is Height.
The shallower water is, the softer its waves will be. So, as we
increase the Height value (which represents the height of the
water fl oor), the softer the waves will be (Fig. 16.80).
Figure 16.80 Increasing
the Ground>Height value to
0.45 reduces the intensity of
the waves.
Lastly, we come to the Producer 1 controls. Here's where things
get fun. Most of these controls are self-explanatory. But, the
Producer 1>Position value is one of the more important proper-
ties in the entire effect. This is the property we animate to create
the illusion that something is disrupting the surface of the ocean.
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