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The Shatter effect is awesome. It renders quickly, it's extremely
powerful, but also easy to use. And the vast array of options
makes this a very versatile effect, indeed. Remember that the
Shatter effect has 3D camera, lighting, and material options. You
can even choose to use a comp camera and/or a comp light with
Shatter as well.
The Wave World Effect
The Wave World effect is another effect that often scares away
unfamiliar users. Its default results are perhaps more confusing
than the default results of any other effect. And even as you do
surmount that obstacle, you realize that the Wave World effect is
completely useless on its own. But don't discount it just yet. The
Wave World effect simulates real world water waves and ripples
that can be used as maps for other effects, such as Displacement
Map. Ultimately, the Wave World effect is supposed to be used
in conjunction with the Caustics effect, covered earlier in
this chapter.
Open the Wave World.aep project in the Chapter 16 folder of
the exercise fi les. We'll start in the Wave World Start comp, which
consists only of a plain solid layer. Apply the Wave World effect
to this layer. When fi rst applied the Wave World effect shows you
a working view, like the default view that we just saw with the
Shatter effect (Fig. 16.75).
Figure 16.75 The default view of
the Wave World effect.
The green bottom grid represents the fl oor of the water. The
white grid represents the surface of the water. Additionally,
there are also two other rectangular helpers. Before we discuss
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