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Voices checkbox. Selecting Stereo Voices will stagger the voices in
each speaker. So, the fi rst voice will play back in the left speaker,
the second voice will play back in the right speaker, the third
voice in the left speaker, and so on. This goes a long way into
creating a realistic chorus effect. Next, I will increase the Voice
Separation Time to about 10, then increase the Voices value to
about 4, leave Modulation Rate at its default, leave Modulation
Depth at its default, and take the Voice Phase Change property to
about 90%. This will create a rich chorus effect. Of course, these
are just some sample settings. There are many other formulas
for creating fl ange and chorus sounds in the Help, but these are
some settings to get you started experimenting with this effect.
The High-Low Pass Effect
The High-Low Pass effect is like a tone fi lter. It has two modes:
high pass and low pass. High-pass fi lters out low (bass) tones and
allows high (treble) tones to pass through. Low-pass fi lters out
high tones and allows low bass tones to pass through. The Cutoff
Frequency property allows you to fi ne tune exactly which tones
get fi ltered out, depending on which mode you've selected from
the Filter Options drop down.
The High-Low Pass effect is especially good for audio recorded
with video. Many times after recording, you might hear a low-
pitched hum from a generator, or maybe a high-pitched whine
from a fan or other device. The High-Low Pass effect is a great
way to eliminate such noise from your audio.
The Modulator Effect
The Modulator effect creates an end result similar to fl ange,
but without the additional voices. Without the additional voices,
the modulation to audio tone in this effect can create effects
ranging from a vibrato to a more intense tremolo. These effects
are reminiscent of the “speed” setting on vintage guitar ampli-
fi ers. The important settings in this effect are ones that we've
already discussed in the section in this chapter on the Flange &
Chorus effect: Modulation Rate (the speed of the modulation)
and Modulation Depth (the amount of modulation).
The Parametric EQ Effect
Effects like Bass & Treble allow you to adjust high and low
tones. But what about all the tones in between? And what if there
are certain frequencies of the high tones that you want to make
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