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Finally, go to the Shatter Map composition. We're going to
look at how to selectively shatter an object using grayscale maps.
Here we have this beautiful shot of a stained glass window. This is
the layer that will be shattered (no offense if this is your church)
(Fig. 16.71 ).
Figure 16.71 The stained glass
image in the Shatter Map comp.
Equally important is the map that will be used to shatter this
stained glass. Pay particular attention to the fi ve white circles at
the top, the black background, and the gradient that covers the
remaining glass (Fig. 16.72).
Figure 16.72 The grayscale map
that I painted in Photoshop. We'll
be using to control the shattering.
As with other complicated examples in this chapter, I've
already set this up for you. Here's how I did it. I fi rst changed the
Pattern to Glass and increased the Repetitions to a pretty high
value to create smaller pieces. This is important so that it seems
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