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In the Blown Dust comp, you'll see another trick with the Shatter
effect. This comp contains a movie with an octopus revealed by
dust blown away (Fig. 16.69).
Figure 16.69 The Blown
Dust comp.
The blown dust is created by adjusting two properties. First,
crank up the Repetitions value as high as it will go. This will create
the smallest possible dust fragments. Then, open up the powerful
Physics area in the Shatter effect (Fig. 16.70).
Figure 16.70 The Physics area
in the Shatter effect controls.
In this area, you can set options like gravity and viscosity.
Viscosity refers to the thickness of the air, which is great for blow-
ing things up underwater or in space. What we're after here,
though, is the Gravity property. Set the Gravity Direction in the
direction you want the wind to blow. Then increase the Gravity
parameter to increase the speed at which the shattered pieces
move in that direction.
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