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Figure 16.65 The Shatter effect
with the Pattern drop down in the
Shape area set to Glass.
Figure 16.66 Increasing the
Repetitions value (taken to
50 here) creates smaller pieces.
This glass looks too clunky. So, increase the Repetitions value
to create smaller pieces. This mainly shrinks the shatter pattern
down and repeats it (Fig. 16.66).
The Extrusion Depth value creates thicker pieces, which will
come in handy in the next example. Switch over to the 3D pieces
composition. In this comp, you'll fi nd a shape layer that I created
in the shape of a fi sh (Fig. 16.67).
One of the lesser-known gems about this effect is that it allows
you to create your own custom shatter maps using grayscale
layers. And, because the Shatter effect makes 3D pieces, you can
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