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I'll then move in time and lower the position (Fig. 16.63).
Finally, I'll move to later in time again, and move the force
position to the upper right (Fig. 16.64).
Figure 16.63 After moving
in time and lowering the force
Figure 16.64 The result of
moving in time and moving the
force position again.
I really like this animation, but I'm not so crazy about the
shape of our bricks. At the top of the Shatter effect in the Effect
Controls panel, you'll fi nd a Shape area. Open that up to see all
kinds of properties that we can use to customize the shape and
look of the shatter effect. The Shape>Pattern drop down is a great
place to start. Open that drop down to see a slew of patterns that
you can use as shatter maps. My favorite is the standard Glass
setting (Fig. 16.65).
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