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Strength value can be used to adjust the intensity of the blast. If
a child threw a baseball through a window, it would have a lower
Strength value than, say, a wrecking ball coming through the
same window (Fig. 16.61).
Figure 16.61 With the Depth
value at 0.4, less of the layer
blows up because less of
the layer comes into contact
with the force.
Click the Reset button at the top of the effect. Change the View
drop down to Rendered, and move out a few frames in time.
When you animate the Position property in the Force 1 area,
it creates an interesting gopher-like trail. This can be used to
remove parts of the layer to reveal a logo, or to create a logo from
the negative space created by exploded pieces.
For this, I'm going to go out to frame 13. I'm also going to take
the Force 1>Radius value to 0.1 to create a smaller force. I'll then
adjust Force 1>Position to be in the upper left hand corner of the
layer, and then click the stopwatch (Fig. 16.62).
Figure 16.62 The project with
a smaller force radius and an
adjusted force position.
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