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Figure 16.59 Rotation the
virtual camera in the Shatter
effect allows us to see our layer's
recently acquired third dimension.
Figure 16.60 The Wireframe +
Forces view with the rotated
force (insert tired Star Wars joke here). Only objects that come
into contact with this force can blow up. So, let's talk about
adjusting this force. Open up the Force 1 properties in the Effect
Controls panel. Note that there is also a Force 2 area. Force 2 is
turned off by default, but if you needed an added explosion, you
could use Force 2 for that.
The Depth parameter in the Force 1 area controls the Z posi-
tion of the force. You'll notice that as I take this value to 0.4,
it barely touches the layer. Again we see that only parts of the
layer that touch the force blow up. So then, if you want to delay
the blowing up of a layer, simply animate the Depth param-
eter. The Radius value determines the size of the force, and the
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